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Maurice  Connaughton

Maurice Connaughton is a premier realtor in the Sarasota area, with him and his partner Carlo Piras combined making up an impressive 25 years of experience in real estate. A professional in the property field, Maurice is also particularly proficient with international business transactions in his dealings with luxury real estate in Sarasota, Florida.

Maurice Connaughton was born and raised in Galway, Ireland and graduated from the University College in Galway in 1998 shortly before working in real estate development in Ireland. He moved to the United States in 2000. Since then, his reputation has continued to grow positively through the years in association with Sarasota’s Sotheby’s International Real Estate. It was not long before he decided to step out on his own and make his way in the real estate world of Sarasota.

Downtown Sarasota was the site of his company’s main office which opened in 2013 with Maurice Connaughton being founder of Sarasota Signature Real Estate. His goal for the new company was to provide both Sarasota and the international real estate with a top notch real estate company where customer service imperative. The goal of his company is to provide world class services to buyers, sellers and investors alike, even investing with potential clients if the appropriate to the situation.

Maurice Connaughton’s firm listens to their customers. He realizes that the enterprise is about best realizing the dreams and desires of his customers and asks questions to make sure his client’s needs are met. Whether he is negotiating a deal or advising a client on an investment, Maurice is always cognizant of his customer’s best interests at heart. This attention to detail and conscientious customer service makes Sarasota Signature Real Estate the comprehensive real estate company to deal with for purchases and investments in the Sarasota area.

The internationally oriented real estate service offers many types of real estate. Beachfront properties are in particular a highly desired specialty which their office often deals with. If a client happens to desire a luxury summer home is Sarasota, Maurice and his firm will drive themselves to find the perfect waterfront property to suit the bill. For the avid golf pro or enthusiast, Maurice will know the location of the best golf courses. If the client is on a budget, Maurice will find a bargain which still has the features his client wants.

Once a person has chosen to invest in a property sold by Sarasota Signature Real Estate, Maurice and his staff continue to aid and advise on working with the property to its best financial advantages. Maurice Connaughton and his dedicated staff at Sarasota Signature Real Estate are the colleagues needed when looking for a lucrative investment or the perfect beachfront home in the Sarasota area.

Sarasota Signature Real Estate is quickly gaining a reputation for excellence in real estate advice, management and customer satisfaction. For a young company still relatively in its infancy, it exudes the experience and capability of a much longer established company. Managed and owned by Maurice, it definitely has a secure future in the Sarasota real estate world.

HideMyAss VPN Review

Many people who are concerned about their online privacy are looking for a high quality VPN service. Such a service allows you to get better online security, by encrypting all of your online traffic, which is especially useful if you use a shared or public WiFi connection. A VPN will also give you more anonymity by hiding your real IP address. Finally, you can use a VPN service to bypass Internet censorship and limitations. For example, you can access websites that would be blocked in your country, or access certain types of content, like streaming videos and music, which would be unavailable due to your location.

HideMyAss Reviews

As far as VPN services go, HideMyAss (HMA) is currently one of the most popular ones. However, many users will wonder whether they actually provide quality service that will be suited for their needs. Here is an overview of their service:

First, the pricing. HMA offers 3 different subscription options, where you can sign up for 1 month, 6 months, or a year. Naturally, if you pre-pay for a longer period of time, you will get a lower price. All of their plans come with a 30 day money back guarantee. Signing up for their service and setting up your account is very easy, as they support numerous payment methods, such as credit card, PayPal, WebMoney (in some countries), wire transfers and for those who want more anonymity, Bitcoin is accepted as well.

Connecting to their VPN service is very easy and doesn’t require much technical knowledge. Windows and Mac users simply have to download and install the HideMyAss VPN software and run it. The interface is very simple. You would simply enter your username and password, then select the server you want to connect to. Currently, there are over 463 servers in 61 countries. HMA supports the 3 main VPN protocols, OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP. You can select which protocol you want to use right from the software’s dashboard. Using OpenVPN is recommended for those who are using an Internet provider that blocks or throttles PPTP connections.

There is a Linux version of the software, however for now it is only command-line based. HMA is planning on releasing a GUI for Linux soon. Their service can also be used on iOS and Android mobile devices like tablets and smartphones by using the built-in VPN client on those devices. There is no app to download. Finally, those who would like to put all of their devices, such as gaming consoles, media players, etc. behind the VPN can set up their connection on a compatible router.

The speed is actually quite good compared to some other VPN services. However, it is possible that you may experience slightly lower download speeds when compared to connecting to the Internet directly. This is because the traffic must be first routed through the HideMyAss reviews servers. To get optimal speeds, you can select a server closer to you in the HMA software, however this may not always be practical if you want an IP address from a different country. One advantage of HMA’s service when it comes to speed, however, is that their software can automatically do load balancing. If there are too many users on a server you are connecting to, their software will recommend using another one in the same country if available. Bandwidth is unlimited on all servers.

Finally, the support provided is quite good. Email inquiries usually get a response within a few hours (usually faster) and there is a detailed FAQ and user forum that can be used to troubleshoot problems with the HideMyAss service.

Instant Instagram Likes Propel People Toward Desired Popularity

Instant Instagram LikesA constant three way battle is ensuing between popular instagramers, people striving for fame, and new social networkers in the instagram community. The battle is due to the desires of people to stay well known and competing with others to be known. According to data on the internet, there are over one hundred million people using Instagram on a monthly basis and seven million daily. Internet research reveals that over fifty five million photos are circulating through social networking platforms daily and there are more than one hundred fifty billion like given by followers.

Individuals buy likes on Instagram to use along with organic growth to propel their social and pictorial presence into popularity. The desire to reduce the potential slow wait in terms of social and pictorial awareness compel instagramers to look for the alternative to organic popularity. The benefits of buying likes are obtaining notoriety quickly, acquire additional followers due to purchasing likes, and decreasing the time it takes for popularity.

Obtain notoriety quickly by buying likes limits or eliminates the requirement of networking with others to land on a popular page. Purchasing likes guarantees replacement for loss of likes for the individual, brand or business. Increasing likes by buying and the influx of likes organically hinders pictures, videos and the instagramers from becoming unnoticeable or obscure. The decrease in followers by being un-liked becomes a threat to potential or gained notoriety. Boosting popularity by purchasing likes erases inactivity and slow movement towards realizing the goal of becoming socially familiar by hordes of instagramers in the community. Accumulating likes through buying is a ploy to appeal to people who are only motivated to like based on the quantity of likes already obtained.

The assessment through research on the internet indicates that there are instagramers who resist liking images and videos due to the measurement of attractiveness in association to the number of likes. Purchasing likes help attract followers who only gravitate towards popular instagrams. Followers increase online presence for instagramers in the social networking community. Followers may comment positively on an instagram which may prompt others to become active and decide to like also. Likes in abundance are reflections of credibility which show that the individual , brand and business has become popular. Buying likes contribute to the pyramid effect where the top is small but spreads towards the bottom, the analogy being that every like becomes multiples of other likes. The indication that followers will increase as a result of instagramers buying likes is the enticement that cause people to purchase likes.

The time it takes to reach instagram popularity can be decreased with buying likes. The escalation of likes may increase on a daily or monthly basis in small increments and suddenly stop rising as a result of certain factors. The wait and anticipation of popularity causes instagramers to become impatient with the time it takes recognitions and organic growth. Purchasing likes decrease the time spent trying to network and provides the means to allocate time for productive creativity.

There is a fact from the internet that one comment is made for every thirty- three likes. The effort that it takes to comment drives away followers from posting them. According to research on the internet, there are eighty five thousand likes, and comments per second. You can buy instant Instagram likes or splurge and buy ten thousand likes for under seventy dollars. The number of likes and the price it cost to purchase them vary. Instagramers who wish to soar in popularity and receive potential benefits is a small price to buy likes.

Bead Jewelry – Treasure For All Women

Pearl Jewelry can be favorite jewelry for many ladies. Pearls look excellent when crafted in jewelry. In past times people only used to wear ornaments made with gold or silver. But now things have changed, many amazing additions have come up in jewelries and ornaments. Different types of stones are used in making jewelries. Manufacturers use various types of pearls, stones and shells to embed in jewelries.

If you want to buy pearls for yourself or for a loved one, you won't have to search far. There are many sites online that provide pearl jewelry. The vast collections will surely hold something that meets your tastes. Many sites also offer great discounts about the jewelry. Here are some tips for you, if you're planning to buy bracelets of pearls. You can also visit https://www.mishalamjewelry.com/ to see the latest trends in ocean jewelry.

Find out if you wish natural, cultured or bogus pearl jewelry. Each features a different price band. You might like to go for genuine pearls. These are generally naturally formed and may have some flaws in condition. They are very rare and cost a lot more than cultured and bogus pearls. Cultured pearls are created by artificially inserting a nucleus directly into an oyster and allowing the pearl to form. These are usually round and large in space. Imitation pearls are not pearls in any way. They are made with glass or plastic in support of have a surface shine. Real pearls have an inner glow.

Suggestions For Achieving Your Weight Loss Goal

Your health is something that should be important to you. Being overweight or obese is a significant danger in your life. Losing weight can make you feel better and extend your lifetime. Shedding pounds can be tough, but these tips can help.

You can lose the maximum amount of weight by combining a healthy diet with exercise. You might be shocked to discover how little exercise it takes to keep your weight down. It can be difficult squeezing exercise into your busy day. But if you get off one train stop early, or park a bit farther from the grocery store, you're giving your body a little workout every time you move, which boosts your metabolism. Just walking one or two miles a day can help keep the excess pounds at bay.

Don't put unhealthy, tempting food in your home. If you choose not to buy those cinnamon buns, they won't be in the kitchen to call your name every time you make a meal. Keep healthy snacks available as an alternative. For example, you could create some delicious fresh vegetables and put them on a tray in the fridge.

Sucking on an ice cube can help you curb your food cravings. Sucking on some ice can be very effective in dispelling the urge to eat because sometimes it just boils down to having something in your mouth.

Do you have trouble getting rid of belly fat? Fat loss factor by Dr. Charles would be a great program to refer to solve this problem. You can learn more about this program here: http://FitAdvisor.blogspot.com/2015/04/fat-loss-factor.html

Make sure that your kids get an adequate amount of sleep if you are trying to help them lose weight. Children grow as they sleep, and this burns calories. It is recommended that children sleep at least eight hours each night. Tell your children why getting plenty of sleep is good for them.

Fad diets are generally best avoided. Crazy diets that severely restrict the foods you eat can be dangerous to your health. These ubiquitous diets enjoy short-term popularity, but fade just as quickly as they appear. Extreme diets do not give your body the nutrients it needs. They teach how to lose weight in a rapid manner but do not teach you how to maintain the weight loss.

You can lose weight faster by eating homemade meals. Eating out can be problematic because the portions of restaurant foods are much larger than generally desired for weight loss. It is hard to eat healthy when you are out since the fat, sugar and salt content are so high.

Regularly weigh yourself while trying to lose weight. This can help you to monitor your situation to achieve success in your program. You should keep track of your progress in a notebook. Those who monitor their progress in this way are more likely to lose weight.

Make sure your diet consists of lots of healthy foods. Do not be fooled into by a package that says low fat but has no nutritional value. While you may lose some weight, you are actually not creating a healthy body.

If you've stop making progress, you must increase your workout intensity. Your body will adjust to the work outs you are doing, and if you stay at the same level they will not be as effective are they were in the beginning.

People can expect to lose a lot more weight if they have a friend that will lose weight with you. You can do your exercise routines together, plan meals together and share the triumphs and defeats along the way. If there is someone to answer to, you will be less likely to get lazy and start eating badly.

Reduce the amount of ketchup and mustard that you use on sandwiches and hamburgers, and hot dogs. Popular condiments tend to have a high sugar content and will add empty calories to your meal. A small amount won't hurt, but make sure you limit the amount you use.

Look to building friendships with people who are physically fit and healthy overall. By being friends with these people, you can aspire to have your body look like theirs. They may be able to offer useful weight loss suggestions as well.

One healthy and delicious breakfast option is an omelette. You can stuff them with lean meat and fresh veggies to get more nutritional foods in your diet. Add some whole wheat toast for added fiber so you can avoid feeling hungry too soon.

Treat high-calorie and high-fat foods with more care than regular foods. When you give in to a cake craving, for instance, top a tiny slice with fruit so that it feels like a bigger and tastier dessert. While savouring every bite of the chocolate, you will enjoy the complimentary flavours of the accompanying fruit and nuts. This will leave you feeling satisfied with the indulgence and more full because of the accompanying food.

Remember to keep your back and stomach muscles firm throughout your workout. You may stop without thinking, or because you need a break, just remember to re-tighten the muscles when you can start again. This will help improve your posture and tone your muscles that are used for standing straight. This will also include your buttocks!

Look for exercise clothes that make you feel good about yourself, since this encourages you to get out and work out. Don't buy yourself a sports bra and hot pants if you are embarrassed to be seen in them! Exercising in longer pants or a long-sleeved shirt is fine if it gets you going.

To get exercise, find activities that you find enjoyable. Go bike riding, toss a Frisbee to Fido, play in the surf at the beach or do some gardening. There are numerous ways to keep your body moving and active without the repetitive boredom associated with more "traditional" exercise. Engage in the activities you enjoy more often.

It is evident from the tips above that losing weight has many benefits for your health. Use the tips located above. Only reading them won't help with weight loss, so you must stand up and do them. When you lose weight, your overall sense of health and well-being will improve.

Trade A Bigger Variety Of Assets

Would you like to become a better, more professional trader and you dream about trading more types of assets? Is something keeping you from trading more types of assets because you are worried about the risks? Why don't you start searching for ways to reduce the risks? There are ways in which traders can reduce the risks present on the trading market and one of them is by using binary options. Watch a binare optionen demokonto and see how binary options work. A lot of traders have already done this and they are happy with the outcome, so you should absolutely follow their example. Live the Stockpair Erfahrung by joining this binary options trading platform now and you can be sure of the fact that you are going to benefit from this to the fullest. 

A binary options trading platform such as Stockpair is surely going to help you become the professional trader you plan on becoming. Stockpair will offer you the chance to trade a bigger variety of assets with less risks, as binary options will send you signals that will help you predict future market moves. It is true that it will take time and practice in order for you to correctly predict future market moves, but it is not impossible. If you are determined to use these tools and their amazing features to the fullest, you can increase the profit coming from a single investment with up to 80%. There are traders who have already started benefitting from the amazing features of binary options and by joining Stockpair, you can be one of them. Don't waste time anymore and don't be reticent about this idea, as binary options really are great and they deserve all the attention they can get from you. You'll absolutely be amazed with the outcome, as binary options have been especially designed to help traders. 

The Selected Package For Starters

direct tvAre you looking for the right package that is affordable but packed with entertainment at the same time? What you need to consider is the Select Package and this is one of the fantastic packages being offered by DirecTV. When you consider this package, you can be sure that you will have more. It is the type of package that gives you access to more than 130 channels for 19.99 price. With the great channel access, you are indeed getting great value for money because aside from such an affordable price, you will also get free premium networks for a period of three months. For the 19.99 price, you will get free Genie HD DVR and this is already an awesome viewing experience.  

You will also have access to DirecTV on demand and with your devices such as tablets, smart phones and many others, you can get access to DirecTV everywhere. It is unbelievably affordable because for the 19.99 price, you are getting more than just the basic package. You should consider this package if you really want to have more. It has great features that you will never get from other service providers. There is indeed a great difference if you are going to switch to this service provider because they offer more for such a low price.

Spy Gadgets For Fun and Security

As a kid, were you intrigued by the enticing ads in your comic books? You know the ones I mean, devices that would enable you to see around corners, or listen to conversations right through walls? They could not resist the appeal, since they only cost a dollar or. Before they knew it, we'd be sealing our hopes, as well as our money in an envelope, eagerly awaiting the day our special spy toys would arrive in our mailbox.Since those days, we have enjoyed thriller spy movies, & limitless crime shows on tv, where investigators employ every trick in the book to solve the latest case. They are amazed by the speed & accuracy of intricate lab work, digital enhancements, & computer imaging. As leading edge as all of this is, there's some techniques that have been around a long, long time. You can also get info about skjult kamera.

All of us have heard of spy satellites that circle the globe gathering knowledge from high above the earth. Before satellites, airplanes were used for intelligence missions in World War II, which enabled military leaders the chance to monitor allied & enemy movements. It is incredible to think that even way back in the American Civil War, observation balloons were floated by both sides in the conflict, to observe their own, & enemy troop locations. You can also visit www.avlytt.no to get more info.

Did you ever try using invisible ink when you were a kid? This was a fun thing to do that rated right up there with magic & card tricks. By mixing up a special ink of milk, lemon juice, or sugar water, your secret message would only be visible when the paper was heated. Invisible ink is still used today, but in lieu of exposing the message to heat, a prescribed wavelength of ultraviolet light is used.

Movies are ripe with lots of measures taken by spies as they fine-tune their appearance in order not to be recognized. We have seen hair being cut & dyed, ladies dressing as men, & in instance in 1754, Chevalier d'Eon de Beaumont was sent to St. Petersburg posing as Mademoiselle Lia de Beaumont. As improbable as it may appear, the ploy worked, & Tsarina Elisabeth was persuaded to forgo a strategy with Britain, & side with Austria & France in lieu.

In house electrical Inspections

A visual inspection is intended for identifying any kind of defects, damage or weakening of any home electrical system. It’s an easy, cost effective & a speedy way of determining that whether the installation has been done with the BS7671 electrical safety standards or not. After the inspection a small report is usually written explaining about the defects & where they are.

The electrician specifically inspects the installation for wear and tear & overloading of circuit or decay. This sort of inspection does not involve any kind of circuit testing, hence it can’t be told that the installation is safe for any future use or not. The main benefit of visual electrical inspection Manchester is that it’s very quick & inexpensive.

The cost of visual electrical inspections Manchester and report depends on the size of house/office & ease of access to inspect the electrical installation, but first of all look for the firms that provide preset cost for this kind of service. This will save you from any kind of unwanted bills. This type of inspection around Manchester will cost around a 100£.

On the other hand if you decide to go with the electrical company to complete your electrical testing’s the cost will depend on the amount of time taken to complete the test thoroughly. Whether you are living your own home or in a rented one it’s important to get the correct type of company.

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