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Paper/Abstract Submissions

Late Call for Poster - closed

All abstract submissions are now closed.

If you have any queries about the submission process or you want to withdraw a paper please contact the conference administrator at



All proceedings of the congress are in English and no translation is provided.  The congress CD will contain abstracts and or papers submitted. Any papers submitted too late for inclusion for the CD are only available by contacting the authors direct. PowerPoint presentations will only be made available after the congress, where the author(s) have given permission to provide this further information.

Selected papers from the proceedings will go forward for review by the editors of IWAP (IWA Publishing) and successful papers will be included in appropriate IWA journals.


IWA Publishing


IWA Publishing will peer review a selection of the accepted congress submissions, with a view to publication in IWA Publishing’s journals, including Water Science and Technology, Journal of Water and Climate Change, Water Science and Technology: Water Supply and Water Practice and Technology.Specifications for the formatting of papers are available on the IWA publishing website

IWA Publishing – Online Resources

IWA Water Wiki

The IWA Water Wiki is an open-access information resource for the water community.

Reference Material – Over 600 free-to-view articles, case studies and reports

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The IWA Water Wiki invites the submission of reference articles, case studies and poster presentations on all areas of water, wastewater and related environmental fields.

In addition, Wiki Editors are currently being recruited to review, update and commission articles.

Want to get involved?

Contact Victoria Beddow, Water Wiki Community Manager (

Wiki Articles on Water, Climate and Energy

Water Intelligence Online – the online water reference library

Water Intelligence Online is an online information service for librarians and individuals providing access to a wealth of reference books, research reports, research papers and conference proceedings covering water, wastewater and related environmental topics.

Subscription to Water Intelligence Online gives you online access to the archive of IWA Publishing books and research reports, in addition to new publications in the current year. Alternatively you can view the full text on a pay-per-view basis.

IWA Publishing – Books on Water, Climate and Energy


Invitation to authors

Should you have current writing plans and would like to submit an idea, proposal or material for a new book then please contact the Editor, Maggie Smith ( and she will be pleased to help with the publication of your proposal.

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Climate Change and Water

International Perspectives on Mitigation and Adaptation


Edited by Joel Smith, Carol Howe and Jim Henderson
September 2009 • ISBN: 9781843393047 • 290 pages • Paperback

Understand the effects of climate change on urban water and wastewater utilities with this collection of international scientific papers.

Co-published with the American Water Works Association.

Sustainable Water Resources in the Built Environment


Marilyn Waite
April 2010 • ISBN: 9781843393238 • 248 pages • Paperback

Sustainable Water Resources in the Built Environment focuses on the water aspects of sustainable construction in less economically developed environments.

Integrating Water Resources Management Interdisciplinary Methodologies and Strategies in Practice


European Water Research Series

Investigates IWRM in the four selected twinned catchments covering six countries in Europe and Asia.

Edited by Geoffrey D. Gooch, Alistair Rieu-Clarke and Per Stalnacke
September 2010 • ISBN: 9781843393252 • 176 pages • Paperback

Governance and Management for Sustainable Water Systems


Neil S Grigg
December 2010 • ISBN: 9781843393467 • 204 pages • Paperback

This book is the introductory work in the new Governance and Management for Sustainable Water Systems Series. It introduces the subject of governance of water systems and illuminates relatively unexplored topics of water resources management.

Water Infrastructure for Sustainable Communities China and the World


Edited by Xiaodi Hao,Vladimir Novotny, Valerie Nelson
August 2010 • ISBN: 9781843393283 • 680 pages • Hardback

Water Infrastructure for Sustainable Communities presents an understanding of past successes and failures of efforts to control pollution and reduce floods and offers promising alternatives to provide adequate amounts of clean water for all beneficial uses, water and energy reclamation, and reduction of the carbon footprint.

Southeast Asian Water Environment 4


Edited by Kensuke Fukushi, Futoshi Kurisu, Kumiko Oguma, Hiroaki Furumai, and Psyche Fontanos
September 2010 • ISBN: 9781843393627 • 280 pages • Paperback


Innovative and Integrated Technologies for the Treatment of Industrial Wastewater

Antonio Lopez, Claudio Di Iaconi, Giuseppe Mascolo and Alfieri Pollice

Advances in Water Reclamation Technologies for Safe Managed Aquifer Recharge

Christian Kazner, Thomas Wintgens, Peter Dillon

Handbook of Biological Wastewater Treatment: Second Edition

Adrianus van Haandel and Jeroen van der Lubbe

Water Sensitive Cities

Carol Howe and Cynthia Mitchell

Innovative Appropriate Technologies for Treatment of Municipal Wastewater

Menahem Libhaber and Alvaro Orozo

Water and Energy

Gustaf Olsson


Poster & Oral Presenter Information

Oral Presentations

The Speakers Preparation Room is located on Level 1 in the Liffey Boardroom. Speakers are requested to visit this room at least the day before their allotted presentation time to allow for upload and testing of presentation elements. Ensure you have your presentation available on USB for upload onto the congress network. The Presentation Support Team will be present to assist with any queries.


Opening Hours of Speaker Presentation Room

Sunday 13th           13.00hr – 19.00hr

Monday 14th          07.30hr – 17.00hr

Tuesday 15th         07.30hr – 17.00hr

Wednesday 16th   07.30hr – 17.00hr

Thursday 17th       07.30hr – 15.00hr


In order to ensure the smooth running of the presentations, speakers are advised the following:

• Presentation Timings: All oral presentations (excluding plenary) will be a total of 15 minutes. 12 minutes for PowerPoint presentation followed immediately by 3 minutes of Q&A. Speakers are asked to adhere to these timings. This may differ for any workshops or special sessions. See congress timetable accordingly.

• Each chairperson will monitor your presentation timekeeping and using a lighting system, will discretely notify of your

remaining time.

• Should you run over your allotted time, you will be asked to move immediately to your final slide out of courtesy to the next speaker.

• No personal laptops are allowed at the podium for presentations.

• All speakers must be in their session room at least 10 minutes before the start of session and identify yourself to the session chairperson.

•Ensure when preparing your presentation that you use a Widescreen format of 16:9 as all screens within the venue are set accordingly.


Poster Presentations

There will be a poster session running each day of the congress from Monday 14th to Thursday 17th May 2012.

Any poster that is to be presented at the congress, must be accompanied by a registered author. No poster will be accepted for display without a minimum of one author registered for the congress.


A print company in Dublin SNAP has given a special discount for all congress poster presenters of €28.00 per poster.

To print your poster please email a high resolution  to the below contact details specifying your requirements and collection date.

The posters can be picked up from the store close to the convention centre.


Tel: 01 6720199




Poster presenters are asked to adhere to the following additional guidelines;


A- Dimensions/Printing of your poster
i. Each poster must be in portrait format
ii. Each poster must be printed ( at the cost of the author) and MUST NOT BE BIGGER than the following size: Height/tall= 1189mm Width=841mm (AO Portrait)
iii. Any poster printed in landscape or larger than the provided dimensions will not be displayed at the congress

iv. Should you wish to print your poster in Ireland, please contact the registration desk for further information

B – Displaying your poster
i. Each author will be notified of the date required for them to be in attendance during a poster session(s) by email on the 9th March 2012.
ii. Each poster will be assigned a display number and authors must only place their poster on their allotted board on their assigned date(s) of presentation.

iii. Posters must be hung/displayed on their assigned board no later than 0900 hr on their assigned presentation day(s).

iv. Posters must be removed at the end of your presentation day after 1700hr and before 1900hr- any posters remaining will be removed and the congress will not keep any left posters for later collection and may be destroyed.

v. Each poster will be provided with special Velcro stickers to attach their poster to their assigned board.